Celebrate Jamaica 60 with JN Money

    *Conditions apply
    *Authorized under Section 58(3) of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act


    • Two (2) lucky winners – 2023 KIA Seltos
    • Full Tank of GAS
    • 1 year Auto Insurance
    • 1 year Roadside Assistance


    1. Eligible Participants
    1.1. The JN Money Services Limited (“JNMS”) ’60 & Boasy’ Promotion (‘the Promotion’) is open to
    a) Jamaican Nationals who are both resident in Jamaica and 18 years of age or older as of August 1, 2022; who
    b) send from Jamaica a qualifying money transfer transaction during the Promotion Period to a recipient outside of Jamaica; or
    c) receive in Jamaica a qualifying money transfer transaction during the Promotion Period from a sender outside of Jamaica.

    1.2. The Promotion is NOT open to any employee (whether or not permanently employed) of ATL Jamaica Limited, any company providing advertising or promotional services to JN Money Services Limited, or person employed throughout the Jamaica National Group Limited (“JN Group”) and its subsidiaries namely: JN Money Services Limited, JN Financial Group Limited, MCS Group Limited, JN Bank Limited, JN Bank UK Limited, JN Small Business Loans Limited, JN Foundation, Management Control Systems Limited, Manufacturers Credit and Information Services Limited, The Creative Unit Limited, Total Credit Services Limited, JN Finance Limited, JN General Insurance Company Limited, JN Life Insurance Company Limited, Jamaica Automobile Association (Services) Limited, JN Fund Managers Limited, JN Properties Limited, JN Real Estate Company Limited, Jamaica Popular Investment Company Limited and JN Cayman as well as persons living in the same household and members of their immediate families (including parents, siblings, spouse and children).

    2. Prizes:
    2.1. Two (2) winners will be chosen following the promotional period in, and each shall receive:
    1) A 2023 KIA Seltos,;
    2) Free Insurance for one (1) year from JN General insurance (JNGI);
    3) Free Roadside assistance for one (1) year from Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA);
    4) Full tank of Gas for the prize vehicle; and
    5) Licensing and registration for one (1) year from ATL Jamaica.

    3. How to Enter:
    3.1. During the Promotional Period of 1st August 2022 – 24th December 2022 (dates inclusive) each person who initiates a money transfer in Jamaica to a person outside of Jamaica, and each person who is the recipient in Jamaica of a money transfer initiated outside of Jamaica will gain one entry, so long as the transaction is not disqualified under these terms. Where the same person is both sender and recipient in a transaction, they shall only receive one entry in their country of residence.

    3.2. Disqualified transactions are:
    i. Bill payments;
    ii. NHT refunds;
    iii. PATH payments;
    iv. Transactions that are cancelled before collection by recipient;
    v. Transactions that are flagged as suspicious at the sole discretion of JNMS;
    vi. Any other type of transaction deemed disqualified by JNMS and communicated to the public via publication. In any event, no transaction will be deemed disqualified unless stated above or specifically identified by publication prior to being the basis of a winning entry.

    4. Method of selection of winners for all prizes and Prize Draw dates
    4.1. One winner will be chosen by random selection on the draw date which is the 28th of December 2022, or any alternative date which JNMS may make the public aware of by way of publication. Drawings will be conducted starting at 10am at JN Money Services Ltd, 9 King Street, Kingston, Jamaica.

    4.2. A representative from the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission (“BGLC”) reserves the right to attend each drawing and a member from JNMS’ Internal Audit Department will oversee the drawing of the Prizes for the Promotion.

    4.3. On each drawing date, a JNMS representative shall access its electronic database of send and receive money transfer transactions and randomly select one to identify a potential winner. The selected transaction shall be assessed to ensure it is not a disqualified transaction and that the associated participant is an Eligible Participant under these terms. If the pulled transaction or its associated participant is not eligible, another transaction will be pulled until one that meets all the criteria to win is selected.

    4.4. A winner is not determined until JNMS has successfully made contact with the individual. Accordingly, JNMS will make three consecutive telephone attempts to reach the Eligible Participant associated with the selected qualifying transaction on the day of the drawing. A failed attempt is when the phone rings without an answer, goes to voicemail or is busy or answered by someone other than the person JNMS is trying to reach. In the event all three attempts are failed attempts, JNMS will randomly select another transaction and repeat the process until a winner is selected.

    5. Claiming of Prize
    5.1. Winners will be required to redeem prize within thirty (30) days of the draw date on a date agreed with JNMS and to produce a valid government issued photo ID in order to collect the prize. Identity in the form of a Government-Issued identification card (Passport, Driver’s License or National Voters’ ID).

    5.2. Where the winner is unable to produce a valid government issued photo id in the time provided JNMS reserves the right to retain the prize.

    5.3 **Prizes can only be redeemed in person, as advertised and can only be transferred or exchanged for cash or any other form of compensation at the absolute discretion of JNMS as approved by the BGLC. For the avoidance of doubt JNMS, in conjunction with the BGLC, reserves the right to impose parameters or limitations on such request at will without any consideration as to equivalence and/or to refuse such request at will. **

    6. General Terms
    6.1. By participating in the Promotion, all potential winners agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and any other requirements set out in the promotional material; and the decision(s) of JNMS regarding all aspects of the Promotion will be final.

    6.2. By accepting Prizes, winners agree to take part in any publicity or promotional event(s) arranged by JNMS surrounding the results of the Promotion, and that JNMS may use their name, picture and likeness for advertising and promotional purposes, without further compensation. They further authorize JNMS to deliver, and assign the right of use, to KIA Jamaica and all third parties from which prizes originate or through which prizes are administered (i) any information (including personal information) required to process and/or administer prizes and (ii) their image and likeness for promotional and related purposes. If winners refuse, they will forfeit their prize.

    6.3. JNMS, with consultation and prior approval from the BGLC, reserves the right to delay, terminate or amend this Promotion at any time with or without prior notice. In any of these events notice will be given to the participants via publication such as, but not limited to, in print or social media.

    6.4. To the fullest extent permitted by law, each participant in the Promotion is deemed to have waived any right that he/she has or may have against JNMS and its officers, servants, employees, representatives and/or agents (including without limitation, any company from which prizes originate and third party service providers JNMS may engage for the purposes of the Promotion) in respect of any loss or damages howsoever arising whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, in connection with the Promotion even if JNMS has been advised of the possibility of such damages in advance.

    6.5. The Winners will be wholly responsible for all applications, permits and/or licenses which may be necessary for the use and enjoyment of the prizes.