8 Security Tips For You


    The festive season is upon us, and you will likely see an increased number of customers conducting transactions which can pose a security risk. Therefore, we want to remind you of some security tips to help keep you safe while on the job.

    Here are eight ways you can mitigate security risks during the busy period.

    Stay Alert- Be aware of what is happening inside and around your business at all times. Act fast and report any suspicious activity immediately. Always have at least two employees opening and closing the business at all times where possible.

    Install a secure safe– Put all cash and valuables in a fire-proof and securely anchored safe each night when closing the business. Do not store excess cash in the register and large bills should be placed in the safe. If practical, use a courier to remove excess cash towards the end of the day to minimise cash storage.

    Install a Camera System- Proper cameras are important, not only for the front and back entrances of the business but also for the customer area, cashier  area, storage  area and parking lot. Make sure the recorder is secured and not easily accessible but kept cool to avoid overheating.

    Install Panic Buttons– This can easily be activated to trigger an emergency response from a chosen service provider, where the danger of person or property exists.

    Use Cash Delivery Services- Safeguard cash at your location. Cash shipments should be delivered directly to the safe. The exchange and sign off should not take place in the customer area.

    Consider Post-employment Background Checks- These screening helps to maintain the high standards and integrity of the employees.

    Use Deterrence Signage- Have signs on display at your location such as security camera warning signs, alarm system signs and a declaration that no cash is kept overnight.

    You can also use these tips to further mitigate security risks:

    • Manage the flow of customers within the location to avoid crowding
    • Observe customers who might be in the location for extended periods of time, without just cause
    • Be wary of customers entering your location with masks or other coverings which don’t allow their face to be captured clearly
    • Where possible, request that customers do not use their cellular phones once in the location.
    • Carefully observe customers who appear to be part of a group entering your location at the same time
    • Look for general behaviour among customers that could be deemed suspicious (behaving fidgety, overly observant as though scoping out the location).
    • Restrictive Access – Ensure unauthorised personnel do not have access beyond customer service points within the location.
    • In the event of a robbery, do not resist the demands of bandits. Secure your personal safety as best as possible.
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