Transfers for cash collections are available within five minutes or less pending no additional information is required. Availability of funds for other types of transactions vary and can take between 3 to 5 business days pending no additional information is required.

    Yes, our website is secure. At JN Money we take Cyber Security seriously! That green padlock that is seen when visiting our transaction page means that all data transmitted is encrypted. We utilize SSL encryption to ensure that any sensitive data that is transmitted on our website is kept safe. We have taken security a step further by placing our privacy policy on our website to inform you, our valued members about what data is collected and what is done with it. In addition, JN Money Online ensure our operations and processes are in compliance with all relevant national regulations, such as GDPR (UK) and DFS 500 (USA-New York).

    Your card information is safe and secure; your information is kept confidential and not shared with unauthorized third parties.

    Once the funds remain available you can submit a written request to us by sending an email to from the email linked to your profile and include the details for your transfer. Service fees are non-refundable.

    You will need to submit a copy of your government issued ID and a proof of address document issued within the past three months to verify your identity to activate your profile. Please read our terms of service for additional information regarding acceptable ID types and proof of address documents.

    Yes, the requirements are outlined on the website. Please review our terms of service to view this information.

    Yes, all transactions sent can be viewed on your profile by selecting your transaction history. The status of the transfer will be displayed, and should you need additional information you can request same by sending an email to from the email linked to your profile.

    Canadian regulations require the use of a third-party provider to verify the identity of customers registering or using the JN Money Online service in Canada. Equifax is the third party currently being used to provide customer verification. To meet regulations customer information is shared with Equifax to enable verification of customer identity.

    The verification of all online profiles is conducted by our review team. The process occurs within 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of acceptable documents. The period given is an estimate and may be completed before the end of the indicated time frame.

    You can make a formal complaint by sending an email to

    Deposit Authorization Form (Letter of Authority)

    If you’re sending funds to a JN Bank account or any account in Jamaica via JN Money, JN Money will require a completed and signed Deposit Authorization Form from the account holder to release the funds to the bank account. This is a one-time submission and will not be needed every time a transaction is done.

    You may download the Deposit Authorization Form from or ask for it when you visit a JN Money branch or agent in Jamaica and the UK or JN Bank branch in Jamaica.

    Yes, when submitting your completed and signed Deposit Authorization Form, please take along with you your government-issued ID and registration number (TRN if in Jamaica; NIN if in UK).