Send From a JN Money Branch or Agent Location

    Visit a JN Money branch or agent to safely send money transfers to any bank account in Jamaica – including JN Bank and all credit unions. 

    Customers may send using our regular Send to Account services to send to any bank account in Jamaica OR opt to use the JN Money 3-day service  to send funds to a JN Bank account held ONLY in their name.  

    Send Using JN Money Online

    Send conveniently “anywhere, anytime” using JN Money Online –

    Send online from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Send funds to any bank account in Jamaica – including JN Bank and all credit unions.

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    Send Using Pay by Link

    Send safely and conveniently using our Pay By Link transfer service – powered by Trust Payments. Complete your registration form here, to get started!

    JN Money Direct / Recurring Payments

    Set up your recurring payments or standing order and send safely and securely with JN Money.

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    Would you like JN Money to contact you when our JN Direct Recurring Payments service is available?

    For additional assistance, please call us at  07545209975 or 07921689093

    Don’t forget your Deposit Authorization Form (Letter of Authority)

    The recipient in Jamaica on your transfer will be required to download, print and complete a Deposit Authorization Form (Letter of Authority) to receive funds to their bank account.

    How to Submit my Deposit Authorization Form

    • Kindly complete and return the attached signed Deposit Authorization form along with a copy of your valid government issued ID noting the following:
    • A copy of your Jamaican Tax Registration Number (TRN) is required if Jamaican Identification is submitted.
    • Your SSN or NI number should be written in the TRN section on the form if a non-Jamaican Identification is presented.
    • Signed forms along with identification can be emailed to

    You may collect a printed copy of the Deposit Authorization Form/ Letter of Authority at any JN Money UK Branch or it may be sent to you via email

    Webpage last updated February 19, 2024