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    Horace Hines, general manager, JN Money Services Limited (JNMS) is encouraging Jamaicans to utilise technologies such as the JN Money Card to access their remittances as part of our efforts to practice social distancing and minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

    Since the middle of March, Jamaicans have seen their movements restricted as the country seeks to limited the spread of the novel corona virus, COVID-19. This has also affected their ability to conduct transactions such as receiving remittances, as persons are encouraged to practice social distancing. However, Mr. Hines points out that technologies such as the JN Money Card, can assist remittance receivers in accessing their funds.

    “With COVID-19 being extremely contagious, it is important that Jamaicans practice social distancing to minimize the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, many persons who collect remittances are impacted because they are affected by the new closing times, and the number of persons who are allowed in a location at any given time,” Mr. Hines explained.

    “Also, many customers have not been able to receive their funds on time. Therefore, we are recommending using technologies such as the JN Money Card because of its convenience and which will allow them to collect remittances 24/7, without having to visit an agent location,” he added.

    The JN Money Card was introduced in 2004 by the then Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) in partnership with JN Money Services Limited, now a member company of The Jamaica National Group. Since then, the card has become a benefit to customers because of its convenience and safe ways to collect remittances

    “This means that recipients of remittances do not need to rush to catch a remittance location before it closes. Also, they can keep safe and practice social distancing,” he added.

    “The JN Money Card allows persons to: access funds received via money transfers at multilink ABMs island-wide and to make purchases at point-of-sale terminals. Signing up for the card  is free to customers and can be used without charge at any JN Bank ABM location,” Mr. Hines explained.

    “Persons who do not have a card can visit a JN Bank location and sign up for the card. Then, they can have their relatives send the funds to their JN Money Card and they will be able to access the funds immediately,” he added, pointing out that the technology was the first of its type to be used by a remittance company in Jamaica.

    Mr. Hines added that although staying connected with loved ones was important, the health and safety of all Jamaicans were paramount in this period.

    “While we recognize the importance of staying in touch with loved ones. We also encourage everyone to monitor all the official channels and stay indoors as much as possible. As a country, it is important that we play our part in minimizing the spread of the virus and remain safe during this period,” he stated.

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