Requirements for collecting money transfers

    Transfer funds


    • 1 piece of identification with Tax Registration Number (TRN)
    Send funds

    J$300,000.01- J$600,000.00

    • 2 pieces of identification with Tax Registration Number (TRN)

    J$600,000.01 and over

    • 2 pieces of Identification with Tax Registration Number (TRN)
    • Proof of Address
    • Completed Purpose of Funds Form
    • Completed Customer Profile Form

    Acceptable forms of Proof of Address are:

    • Driver’s Licence (address to which the transfer is sent should match address on licence)
    • Elector Registration Identification Card (Voter Registration Card)
    • Utility bill or bank statement in the name of the recipient at the address to which the transfer is sent
    • Letter from a Justice of Peace verifying the recipient’s address
    • Post-marked envelope addressed to the recipient, not more than 6 months old.

    Exceptions to the above requirements will apply to:

    • National Housing Trust Refund Payments
    • Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Social Pensions Payments
    • Payments under the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATHE)
    • All other GOJ payments through JN Money

    *Overseas residents and visitors to the island are exempt from these requirements once they can provide a non-Jamaican Passport evidencing recent landing in Jamaica