Make Back-to-School Shopping Easier

    JN Money

    Photo Caption: Sanya Wallace, assistant general manager, strategy, marketing & sales, JN Money

    With back-to-school shopping in full swing and parents preparing for the reopening of schools in a few weeks, the lines at remittance companies across Jamaica have become longer than usual, as persons receive funds from overseas to assist with back-to-school expenses.

    Sanya Wallace, assistant general manager, strategy, marketing & sales, at JN Money, the largest Caribbean-owned remittance brand, says by using a remittance card, such as the JN Money card, and transfer to account service, it is much easier for people to collect money conveniently and safely during the busy shopping period.

    “With our JN Money card, persons can receive funds from overseas directly to the card, which eliminates the need for them to join, sometimes, long lines at remittance agencies during this busy period. Family and loved ones from abroad can send money for back-to-school shopping for their children or other family members with ease. The JN Money card, for example, can be used at any MultiLink ATM across Jamaica, and used to make purchases at merchants with point-of-sale (card) machines, such as bookstores or other business places,” she explained.

    Noting the security of the card, Ms Wallace said that it eliminates the need for back-to-school shoppers to walk with large sums of money, thus drastically reducing the likelihood of being robbed of hard-earned cash.

    She pointed out that shoppers can also use the JN Money card to get discounts from different JN Rewards partners.

    “With our JN Rewards programme, once you show or use any JN card, including our JN Money card, at any one of our Rewards partners, you automatically receive discounts of up to 20 per cent.

    The JN Money card is free. All that is required is a valid government-issued ID and TRN. To sign up, she says persons can visit any JN Bank or MoneyShop, or do it on Applicants must be more than 18-years-old to sign up.

    Additionally, Ms Wallace emphasised the ease and convenience of having funds transferred directly to a recipient’s bank account in Jamaica. The transfer to bank account service allows persons abroad to send money from JN Money branches, agents or online to accounts at any financial institution or credit union in Jamaica.

    “Therefore, persons with debit cards for those accounts do not have to stand in line to collect the money and if they so desire, they don’t have to withdraw the funds but opt to save for another day. They can simply use their debit card, attached to the account, at point-of-sale machines to do transactions or transfer funds online if needs be,” she stated.

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