Money Transfers are the Best Holiday Gifts

    JN Money

    Christmas is less than a month away and Sanya Wallace, Assistant General Manager at JN Money Services Limited, owners and operators of the global remittance brand, JN Money, believes that money transfers are the best gifts for the holiday season.

    Miss Wallace says the season of gift-giving comes with its own unique challenges that money transfers virtually eliminate.

    Everyone Appreciates Money

    “Finding the right gift for someone can be a cumbersome task as sometimes the person buying the gift may not have the slightest clue as to what to buy, especially if the relative or friend lives far away. Rather than buying a gift that will not necessarily be liked, send a money transfer. Everyone appreciates money!” she laughed.

    Sanya Wallace, Assistant General Manager at JN Money Services Limited

    She added that the receiver can then use the money to purchase a gift they like or use it towards living expenses which have increased worldwide.

    Simple, Convenient and Fast

    Noting that JN Money operates in more than 15 countries with over 200 agents, Miss Wallace informed that money transfers are usually easy to do, fast and highly convenient.

    “With our JN Money Online platform for example, you can send funds from anywhere and at any time, so it eradicates the need to join the long holiday lines to purchase gifts and carrying heavy shopping bags, shipping and postal delays and navigating severe weather conditions,” she explained.

    She states that money transfers are also done in real-time.

    “Customers in Jamaica can also receive funds directly to their JN Money cards, so that eliminates the need for receivers to join lines as they can withdraw the funds from automated teller machines and make purchases at point-of-sale machines.”

    Cost effective

    Buying gifts, Miss Wallace says, can be more costly than sending a money transfer because persons have to also purchase gift wrapping paper and gift bags as well as pay shipping fees based on the size and weight of the gift and the destination. She says that with money transfers, persons decide how much they want to send based on their budget and so it limits overspending.

    She further said that JN Money has low, affordable rates.

    “On our JN Money Online website, you can put in the amount that you want to send and the destination; and our transaction summary will tell you the cost of the transaction as well as the exchange rate if applicable, so you know exactly what you’re working with” she pointed out.


    “Especially during the holidays, packages often get lost or damaged in transit whereas money transfers are safe. [Insert info about the technology that makes JN Money Online transactions safe],” Miss Wallace stated.

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