‘Nuff Respek’ to Norma Pringle-Hislop, JN Money Customer for Over 18 Years!

    Mrs Norma Pringle-Hislop, JN

    Photo Caption: Mrs Norma Pringle-Hislop, JN Money customer for over 18 years

    In this issue, the JN Money team catches up with Mrs Norma Pringle-Hislop, who has been a JN Money customer for over 18 years. Find out what she had to say below:

    1. Why have you been a JN Money customer for so long?

    Answer: The company is family oriented, and I don’t want to restart the relationship with another remittance company. Also, because they know me for such a long time, they always try to assist me with any query I have relating to Jamaica National.

    2. What are the services that you use at JN Money?

    Answer: I send money for cash pick-up, account transfers and bill payments.  When I was renovating my house in Jamaica, I sent all the money through JN Money to pay the workmen and to purchase material. I also send money to bury my family members and to help with medical expenses in Jamaica. Once I was ready to save, I sent money to my own account and every time I got to Jamaica on vacation the money would be in the account.

    3. How often do you use the service?

    Answer: I use the service at least once per week, I pay my mortgage, bills and insurance using JN Money Services.

    4. What are you most pleased about with the service?

    Answer: I am most pleased about how quickly the money gets delivered, there is never a delay when I send money back home. I also find the staff to be very helpful and friendly and they always work with me to ensure that I have the best experience, especially Mr. Bhoorasingh who is always very pleasant and accommodating.

    5.What is your most memorable experience as a JN Money customer?

    Answer: When my brother died, I had to send an exorbitant amount for the burial and that required completing additional paperwork, I found it to be very frustrating at the time because I was grieving and didn’t want to deal with that. I remember asking for the supervisor because I was upset and when the supervisor came, she was so friendly, and she expressed her condolences. She helped me to complete the paperwork and documentation, she didn’t give me any attitude, she didn’t shrug me off, she was very understanding, and she personally took over my transfer and assisted me until it was completed.

    6. Why would you recommend JN Money to others?

    Answer: Because they always accommodate me, I do a lot of business with JN Group and when I have a problem with JN Bank or JNGI, the JN Money staff would try to help me to get through to the call centre or the other companies within JN so that I can get my problem resolved. They don’t just help with JN Money issues and I like that they always extend themselves.

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