Protecting Customers’ Data

    JN Money

    In an era of increased fraud, scamming, identity theft and other unscrupulous activities, protecting customers’ data is paramount. Here are two ways in which we can do so:

    1. Unauthorised Access – Do not access customer records and/or any other customer-related data unless authorised to do so and only do so when handling a customer’s request. Accessing customer’s information without rational reason and authorization is a breach of the policy, as well as an infringement of the customers’ right to privacy.
    2. Shred Sensitive Documents – Shred financial statements, contact lists, invoices and any other document with internal company and/or customer information before disposing. Someone who participates in dumpster diving may discover unshredded documents and use it for nefarious reasons.

    Also, be sure to protect your own information by:

    1. Backing up Your Data – Back up the data on your devices to a secure external source as well as make notarized copies of important documents and keep the copies in a safe place, especially the devices you plan to travel with and documents you need for routine transactions.
    2. Using Privacy Settings – Always adjust the privacy settings on social media platforms to control who can see your personal information. Also, be very mindful of what you share online.
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