These Terms and Conditions shall bind JN Money Services Limited (“JNMS” / “we”) and the person who has signed the “Letter of Authorization” overleaf (“You”) and govern the deposit of remittances to the bank account you have stipulated in the Letter of Authorization (“the Services”).

    By signing the Letter of Authorization, You confirm that you intend to be bound by your electronic signature as attached thereto and acknowledge and agree that it is legally binding. Thereby, you also acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions governing the provision of the Services:

    Access to the Services:

    1. You represent and warrant that You are the legal owner of the account specified in the Letter of Authorization (“the Deposit Account”) and have full authority to give the instructions and accept the terms and conditions herein.
    2. A separate Letter of Authorization with accompanying ID must be signed and submitted for each Deposit Account to which You authorize JNMS to deposit remittance funds.
    3. The Deposit Account is not in the custody and/or control of JNMS. Upon receipt of remittance instructions from a Sender to deliver funds to you, JNMS will remit the funds to the Receiving Institution which hosts the Deposit Account indicated by you in the Letter of Authorization. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall serve to amend, alter or affect your relationship and contract(s) with the Receiving Institution or any of the liabilities or obligations contained therein between the parties thereto.
    4. You understand that delivery of funds to the Receiving Institution which hosts your Deposit Account will occur within 1-3 business days after JNMS receives the Letter of Authorization along with the required supporting documents. Processing will not commence with a partial submission of documents.
    5. You hereby confirm that JN MS will not be held liable for any resulting financial loss caused by a delay or misdelivery in the deposit of funds to the Deposit Account not caused by the negligence or gross misconduct of JNMS its servants or agents, or caused by a return of the funds by the Receiving Institution.


    Conduct of the Services

    1. JNMS reserves the right to determine the transfer method used to have funds credited to the Deposit Account based on a process it deems to be most efficient.
    2. After JNMS’ delivery of funds to the Receiving Institution for their processing and placement in the Deposit Account, there may be an additional processing time based on Receiving Institution’s internal processes. JNMS has no control over and will not be liable for such processing times or any delays, damage or loss stemming therefrom.
    3. In the event JNMS honors the deposit instructions contained in the Authorization Letter and the funds are credited to another account, JNMS will not be liable. Where possible, we will attempt to initiate a recall of the funds however the return of funds will be at the sole discretion of the Receiving Institution. JNMS has no control over the time it takes to honor or reject a request for a recall of funds.
    4. The Sender can request a full refund at any time if a transfer to the Receiving Institution has not yet been initiated by JNMS. If this request is granted the funds will not be deposited to the Deposit Account.
    5. Where funds are returned to JNMS by the Receiving Institution, JNMS will endeavor to notify the Sender of the availability of a refund within 2-3 business days using the contact details on file at the time. The principal amount will be refunded to the Sender, less the fees charged for carrying out the Service.
    6. Where the Sender requires a change in the transaction details the existing transfer must be cancelled and re-submitted with the new information.
    7. JNMS may adjust its processing times as becomes necessary but will endeavor to give advance notice to You of any changes where possible.
    8. You are solely responsible for confirming that the funds transferred have been successfully credited as per the Instructions of the Sender.


    Termination of Letter of Authorization and Amendments

    1. The Letter of Authorization will only be valid up to the expiration of the accompanying ID submitted.
    2. You may revoke Your Letter of Authorization at any time by giving notice in writing to JNMS at . The revocation shall take effect within 2 business days of receipt of your written notice.
    3. JNMS reserves the right to modify without notice the list of Receiving Institutions to which we can send remittances to Deposit Accounts. In the event your Deposit Account is with a Receiving Institution which is no longer acceptable to JN MS, your Letter of Authorization shall automatically become void and you may opt to submit a new one with a different Deposit Account and Receiving Institution to facilitate receipt of deposits.
    4. JNMS reserves the right to terminate, modify, and remove features from the Services and these Terms and Conditions at any time in our sole discretion. To reject such changes, You are required to cease use of the Services. Continued use will be deemed as acceptance and agreement with such changes.