Corporate Area Resident Happy to Receive Free Mammogram

    JN Money

    For Mrs Maxine Munroe-Jacques, the opportunity to do a mammogram, at no cost, could not have come at a better time.  The Corporate Area resident was recommended by her doctor for a mammogram, however she was unable to  undergo the procedure due to the cost.

    Therefore, when she received a call from JN Money, stating that she had been selected to receive a mammogram, at no cost, she was excited.

    “I did a mammogram before; and I was supposed to do another one, because of the  cancer history in my family; however, I could not afford it,” she related. “Therefore, when I received the call from JN Money, saying that I had won a free mammogram, I was excited. I didn’t even know that there was a competition going on. I simply conducted a transaction; and now, I have the opportunity to get screened.”

    Mrs Munroe-Jacques was one of 31 customers, who received a free mammogram as part of the JN Money Services Free Mammogram-A-Day initiative, in support of the Power of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, mounted by the Jamaica National Group.

    During the month of October, customers were invited to visit the Free Mammogram-A-Day landing page on the JN Money website at,, to nominate themselves, or a loved one, for the opportunity to receive a mammogram courtesy of JN Money.

    Mrs Munroe-Jacques, who is a hairdresser, added that she was even more grateful for the opportunity, because a close relative of hers is currently battling the disease.

    “I really wanted to find out if I was at risk, because of my relative; therefore, I am  grateful to JN Money, because if it is detected early, I will be able to start treating it,” she stated.

    Ms Sanya Wallace, senior manager, strategic planning and marketing at JN Money, stated that company undertook this initiativein an effort to increase breast cancer awareness and screening levels among Jamaicans.

    “We undertook this aspect of the initiative, because it is estimated that although one in 21 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Jamaica, the number might be higher given the fact that many persons aren’t being screened,” Miss Wallace said.

    “Therefore, this was an opportunity for us to encourage more persons to undergo mammograms; and to get treated as soon as possible, if diagnosed. More than 2,000 persons were nominated during the month for the 31 available mammograms; and JNMS was  pleased to be able to offer this gift to our valued customers.”

    Ms Wallace added that, apart from the free ‘Mammogram-A-Day’ initiative, customers overseas were also invited to make donations to the Jamaica Cancer Society, to aid in research for a breast cancer cure, whenever they visited a JN Money branch in the United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom and The Cayman Islands.

    “From those efforts, we were able to raise over $1.1 million. We also donated 50 cents from every transaction conducted via JN Money Online towards the cause. This will form part of the overall donation from The Jamaica National Group to the Jamaica Cancer Society,” the senior manager revealed.

    “We also hosted a series of Breast Cancer Awareness forums, at locations in the UK, USA, Canada and Cayman, on October 18, which was World Mammogram Day; and  we distributed Pink Ribbon flash drives, loaded with important breast cancer awareness information to our customers,” she added.

    Kay Marie Peart, another JN Money customer, who also received a free mammogram said that she was grateful for the opportunity.

    “I am getting up in age and it will soon be time for me to do one. Also, I have never done a mammogram before; therefore, I am happy that I can start this early. I would encourage everyone to get screened, because cancer doesn’t discriminate and it can affect anyone,” she advised.


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