Elderly Woman Remains Positive Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

    JN Money

    The COVID-19 pandemic has not put a damper on Elizabeth Nembhard’s desire to remain positive despite her sister being ill.

    Miss Nembhard who was an attendee at the annual JN Money Christmas luncheon at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter (MANS) on Hanover Street, Kingston, said the year has been good despite the pandemic.

    “COVID has affected me as much as many others,” she said. “I can’t go out to do my selling as much as I want to, but I have stayed at home and remain positive because I know it will pass. I have also taken the time to look after my sister who is bed-ridden,” the elderly woman explained.

    The Central Kingston resident said the MANS has become a source for meals for herself and sister on days when they do not have enough funds.

    “My sister is bed-ridden and I was told that the shelter would assist her with meals. Today, I came here and was able to get some assistance from the JN Money staff who were courteous. I also hope I will be able to secure additional support by perhaps having her housed in one of the shelters,” she revealed.

    The Marie Atkins Night Shelter is a project of the Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), in partnership with Food for the Poor, The Salvation Army, and the Police Force. It provides meals as well as shelter for many homeless persons.

    Leroy Campbell, a resident at the home said he looked forward to the annual JN Money Christmas Luncheon.

    “I have been here for three years and I am grateful for the luncheon and the tokens we receive. This year things are a bit different because of the coronavirus pandemic but I am happy to be alive than anything else,” he said.

    Mr. Campbell said he came to MANS after falling on hard times and misses the interaction he enjoyed with other residents prior to the pandemic.

    “I don’t mind it here but because of the pandemic I have not been able to see my friends as much but I am hopeful that things will change soon,” he stated.

    Miss Sanya Wallace, senior manager, strategic planning and marketing at JN Money explained that the remittance company was pleased to mount this year’s luncheon despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “This year has been challenging for everyone and we know that our extended family here at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter was affected just as much. We know the obstacles they face daily and the fact they are always positive no matter the situation in which they find themselves. Therefore, we decided to continue with the tradition of  our annual luncheon to remind the residents that they are still in our thoughts and also to celebrate Christmas with them,” affirmed Miss Wallace.

    The senior manager affirmed that the remittance company remained committed to spreading the Christmas cheer to Jamaicans from all social strata.

    “Every year we mount various corporate social responsibility initiatives to spread the Christmas cheer to Jamaicans in need. The luncheon here at MANS is one of the projects that we undertake annually and we look forward to continuing this initiative for years to come,” she added.

    Mavis Farquharson, Inspector of the Poor for the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) speaking on behalf of her team, said that because of the COVID-19 pandemic Christmas this year had to be celebrated differently.

    “This year because of the pandemic we had to relocate some of the residents to another shelter,” she explained. “We implemented the necessary social distancing protocols and have assisted them as best we can.”

    “We are always happy to have the JN Money team here at Christmas and the residents look forward to it as well. The challenge this year has been COVID-19; however, we have been working to keep the residents safe so they can enjoy Christmas as well,” said Ms Farquharson.

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