Exercise Vigilance When Doing Money Transfers at Christmas

    JN Money
    Horace Hinds

    Use extra care when sending or receiving remittance during the up-coming busy festive season, Horace Hines, general manager JN Money Services (JNMS), urges owners and operators of the JN Money brand.

    Mr Hines noted that the Christmas period is one of the busiest times during year for remittance transactions. That makes it appealing to financial predators; therefore, recipients need to be particularly vigilant during the season.

    “Money transfer operators normally deal with high volumes of transactions during this period,” he said, indicating that, “Last year, Jamaicans in the Diaspora sent remittances of approximately  US$191.8 million for their loved ones here, to enhance their ability to purchase gifts, have family Christmas dinners, and to pay their bills.”

    “Unfortunately, this means that customers may end up standing in lines waiting for remittance transactions, which make them vulnerable to theft,” he stated. “What we recommend for persons who choose to stand in line is that they take special care to protect their personal property, such as: cell phones, wallets, bags and jewellery; as well as, be more aware of persons in and around the location.”

    Mr Hines stated that JMS facilitates safe and convenient remittance transactions via multiple platforms; and, noted that: the safety of technologies, such as the “JN Money Card” and “online services,” can reduce the need for remittance recipients to join lines, or carry excess cash, during this heavy shopping period.

    “We developed the JN Money Card in 2004 to provide security and convenience,” he explained. “The JN Money Card functions like a debit card, in that, it allows persons overseas to send funds directly to the card; and the local user can access the funds from any ATM, or use it as a debit card at any Point-of-Sale terminal,” Mr Hines noted. “This is much safer than waiting in line for cash; and we encourage persons to use the remittance technologies available, to reduce the need to stand in lines,” he added.

    Mr Hines stated that, despite the existence of the JN Money Card, some persons still need to use cash for various reasons. He, therefore, advised customers to exercise caution when conducting transactions at ATMs.

    “If for whatever reason you need to use cash, there are some safety tips to follow while at the ATM and after you leave. One of the things you should consider is withdrawing only the sum you need for a particular transaction. Also, use ATMs in well-lit areas and ones that are in areas with a lot of traffic,” he advised, cautioning recipients to, “avoid those in lonely locations.”

     Mr Hines also stated that, another safe option was to use JN Money Online platform to send and receive money.

    “Where possible, encourage relatives overseas to send money directly to your accounts via www.www.jnmoneyonline.com. It is fast, safe and convenient,” he explained. “One of the reasons we developed that site was to give customers a service, which protects them; and provides the opportunity to conduct transactions at their convenience.”

    “The online remittance transfer method allows funds to be deposited directly to your account; and, then you can use your debit card. That is an option which should also be explored,” he stated.

    He noted that customers should also pay attention to various scams.

    “If someone calls you and informs you that you won a prize; but, you have to go to a money transfer operator to make a payment to receive your prize, then that should be a red flag,” he said.

    Mr Hines emphasized that caution should also be exercised when using ATM’s.

    “Whichever way you choose to conduct your money transactions during the festive season, it is still important to be careful. Therefore, always protect your PIN, and always use an ATM in an area where it is safe; and also, take note of your surroundings when entering in and leaving the facility,” he said. “Protect your personal possessions; and remember,  at the end of the day, your life is your most important possession, therefore, take care to protect yourself.”

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